Cozy Kitchen Improvement Ideas

Refresh the Sink
Give your chrome sink a fresh look when you paint it. Use sandpaper and a $4 can of spray paint designed for metal to refresh your sink for a fraction of what you would pay to replace it. If painting’s not your thing, upgrade the faucet, a focal point in your kitchen. Select a stylish faucet or a design that fits your personality.

Hang a New Light
A decorative light fixture upgrades your kitchen’s appearance and only costs $30 to $90. Select a fancy, rustic or chrome light fixture that matches your existing decor or kitchen’s color. Alternatively, you could add a statement floor lamp or hang $8 battery powered LED lights under or inside the cabinets, two smart and affordable ways to increase lighting and create a cozier and more welcoming kitchen space.

Paint the Cabinets
A coat or two of paint or stain allows you to update your cabinets on a budget. Refinish all the cabinets in the kitchen with a kit for around $75, or focus only on the doors, trim, or shelves to cut costs. For best results and to maximize your time and money, spend adequate time on prep and follow these tips:

  • Thoroughly clean each surface.
  • Fill in nicks or holes with wood putty.
  • Sand the surfaces between paint or stain layers.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely.

Turn Your Fridge Into a Chalkboard
Consolidate weekly menus and give your kids space to draw when you paint a chalkboard on your refrigerator doors. With painter’s tape, outline the shape and size of the chalkboard. Then apply a few thin layers of $20 magnetic primer and $10 chalkboard paint. When the chalkboard dries, your family will enjoy your new and functional fridge doors.

Create a Colorful Backsplash
A pop of color on the wall draws the eye and adds excitement to a kitchen. You can create a DIY ceramic backsplash for $25 per square foot or a stainless-steel backsplash for $36 per square foot. You can also choose tile, stick-on metal, or chalkboard paint. Once complete, your colorful or textured backsplash will add visual appeal above your sink or behind your stove.