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Beautiful Simple Small Living Rooms

Consider a Pale Monochromatic PaletteCreating an insanely chic small space is a cinch if you stick to a monochromatic palette as shown in this white living room featured on IKEA Ideas Lab. A few tricks keep this space from feeling cold and stark. Beautiful greenery enlivens the space with color. Natural wood and wicker accents add a dash of cozy, rustic style. Texture Punches up a Neutral Color SchemeWhen square footage is exceptionally tight, make the most of your living room with small-scale furniture as Continue reading →

Steps to Build Your Own House

Preparing the House SiteVery few people are qualified to perform all the construction steps for building their home, but you may be able to act as your own General Contractor (GC), hiring your subcontractors (subs) in the order they are required. There may be some aspects of the labor you can do yourself, but only by understanding the entire process can you decide what work to tackle. This guide outlines the basics and the chronology of organizing a house-build all by yourself. Hiring your sub-contractors Continue reading →

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers and Retailers

With a few exceptions, most cabinets found on this list come fully assembled. RTA (ready-to-assemble} cabinets are an entirely different category and can save you much money. MerillatLike Kraftmaid, another huge kitchen cabinet manufacturer available through easy-to-access channels, such as your local kitchen remodel/design company. Merillat, a Michigan-based company, is owned by Masco, which also owns Mill’s Pride and Kraftmaid. Merillat’s Inspiration Gallery ?of kitchen design ideas is highly recommended. KraftmaidKraftmaid is the “big dog” of kitchen cabinets. Go to your local Home Depot or Continue reading →

Inexpensive Options for Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Is Easy-to-Install in Tiles, Sheets, or PlanksVinyl is the easiest kitchen flooring material to install. If your subfloor is in good shape, vinyl is also the cheapest because you can usually install it right over the subfloor (or suitable existing flooring), avoiding the expense of new underlayment. Vinyl comes in several types, so you can shop based on price, look, and/or installation method. The most inexpensive type of vinyl tends to be peel-and-stick tile, followed by peel-and-stick planks and sheet vinyl. The best Continue reading →

Best Basement Flooring Options

Sheet Vinyl FlooringBasement flooring does not play by the normal rules of flooring. Even when the weather is dry, basement flooring might leach residual moisture in the form of vapor due to its close proximity to the ground. And there are other ways that water can enter your basement. In heavy rains, basements can be the scene of the type of up-to-your-ankles flooding that we all fear and which keeps the insurance companies in business. So the primary concern with basement flooring is moisture: how Continue reading →

Troubleshoot and Repair an Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heater BasicsElectric water heaters look similar to their gas-fueled cousins. They both use an insulated storage tank jacket made of steel with insulation between the storage tank and the tank jacket to reduce heat loss of the heated water. The main difference between electric and gas water heaters is the heat source. In an electric water heater, the water is heated by electric upper and lower heating elements that extend into the water tank. Gas water heaters have a gas burner that heats Continue reading →

How to Install Shoe Molding

Shoe Moldings Finish Off Baseboard InstallationsBaseboard molding installations are very often finished off with a small piece of molding that covers the gap between the bottom of the baseboards and the floor. Two types of molding can be used here: shoe moldings (also called base shoe, or 1/8-round molding) or quarter-round molding. Shoe moldings and quarter-round moldings look very similar, but the quarter-round is a slightly larger piece—a full one-quarter of a round dowel. Shoe moldings or quarter-round are not always a part of the Continue reading →

Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Ideas

To maximize the financial return on your kitchen remodels, keep the basics in mind and avoid trends. Trends are fun, but buyers are more informed than ever and place greater importance on solid elements like counters, cabinets, and good lighting. One thing to remember is that high-cost kitchen remodels don’t automatically translate to high returns. Even though buyers may hold your remodels in high regard, your initial investment might prove to be so much that they can be difficult to pay it off. Paint Your Continue reading →

Cozy Kitchen Improvement Ideas

Refresh the Sink Give your chrome sink a fresh look when you paint it. Use sandpaper and a $4 can of spray paint designed for metal to refresh your sink for a fraction of what you would pay to replace it. If painting’s not your thing, upgrade the faucet, a focal point in your kitchen. Select a stylish faucet or a design that fits your personality. Hang a New LightA decorative light fixture upgrades your kitchen’s appearance and only costs $30 to $90. Select a Continue reading →

How to Drain Your Plumbing System Easily

Fixing a water hammer problem.Shutting down a seasonal property for the winter.To make major plumbing repairs, like replacing or extending the main plumbing lines. Water HammerWater hammer (also called hydraulic shock) is a situation in which plumbing pipes bang loudly when faucets are turned on and off, or when an appliance suddenly starts or stops the flow of water. The problem occurs because of air in the plumbing lines, which allow the water to oscillate back and forth and bang the pipes against one another Continue reading →